UX User Experience.

We only build digital products that your users will love!

With UX design, we transform innovative ideas
into surprising and intuitive digital products
We create experiences which combine functionality,
purpose, and ease of use to make
your customers’ lives even better
The more engaged your users,
the better the results for your business.

We build bridges,facilitate
conversations, create bonds,
understand needs, untangle
problems, illuminate paths, and
bring ideas to life.

Mux lab.

Makers of User eXperience

An innovation and design lab where we invite clients to collaborate and co-create in order to discover the ideal strategy for your business. We connect the needs of your customers with the objectives of your company.

What we do


We discover opportunities by more deeply understanding the problems and needs of your customers and your business.

Service Design

Service Design testing evaluates the interactions between individuals, processes, and infrastructures; all within the context of your unique product, service, or project. We successfully outline new opportunities and channels, including an “omnichannel” experience. We optimize processes and reduce costs.

Design Sprints

Utilizing the Design Sprint methodology, we’re able to analyze and validate an idea in a short period of time; potentially saving you a major investment in software development.


To ensure your digital strategy is ironclad, we outline and analyze numerous metrics in order to validate hypotheses and uncover insights. By doing so, we can optimize your digital product strategy. What’s more, we utilize Machine Learning to guide this process.

Usability & UI Design

Prototype production of your digital product is based on leading best practices for usability. This step involves creating design systems using visual design databases, components, on-screen behaviors, and more. We ensure your digital product is efficient, cohesive and intuitive for your customers.


After your digital product has been launched, we test its stability to guarantee that it’s simple, intuitive and useful for your end-users.

See where we’ve already made a difference

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