Digital Acceleration

Innovative digital products, from conception to operation

Our CIOs and IT departments possess the sole mission of driving your business’s digital transformation. While this mission reaps many opportunities and rewards, it’s no easy task. To create and nurture a digital environment requires significant changes to corporate cultures and strategies.

With our rich experience in agile, digital cultures, we are able to offer a robust, multidisciplinary approach to support your CIO and accelerate your company’s digital transformation. The Digital Acceleration offering begins by identifying the company’s degree of digital maturity, then creates action plans tailored to that company’s unique needs. These comprehensive plans address considerations such as digital culture, purchasing, existing contracts, team structuring, agile engineering, OKRs, and more.

Digital Maturity Sprint

Here, assess your degree of digital maturity, analyzing metrics such as: culture; digital strategy; product development; agility; digital infrastructure; and supply chain management. With this information, we determine a clear action plan to prepare your company for all things Digital.

Digital Strategy - Dextra

We are pioneers in the implementation of corporate Digital Acceleration programs in Brazil. Our method consists of a “four-pillar” process, which works to align and engage both leaders and their teams. As a result, we deliver true value to every one of your company’s products, projects, and customers. If you’re interested in learning more about how this innovative approach can be applied to your organization, please contact one of our specialists.

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